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Links are provided for articles about Daughters of D-Day and Carol’s book, The Hidden Legacy of World War II

Daughters of D-Day


Carol – The Hidden Legacy of World War II

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  1. I had two uncles in WWII that both came back with PTSD. One drank himself to death, literally. The other married my aunt and had two boys, men now. Without my aunt he would not have lasted. By the 60ies he was put on permanent disability, and we were not allowed to talk about it. I was born in hell-two parents that were phedoles. They beat, sexually abused us, and cused incessantly. I married a scum just like them. (I had polio at 2. When as an adult, my physical body began to fail me My ex left me with two ADHD children to raise). I went on SSI about two years later for PTSD. I very much want to feel normal inside. My son is in the Marines and has seen combat 3 times; he changed from being a loving christian into an aethiest. My daughter grew up with the Cinderalla syndrome wanting dadddy-or in this case papa-son of Nazi parents to love her, and he never will- she’s stuck in time and has a biopolar issue she refuses to address. I concentrate EVERY DAY on THE POSITIVE, and it ain’t easy baby. What’s normal? to who?

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